Parents Answer This: How Long Can Formula Sit Out For?

pouring out baby formula

This post will be a short answer to the questions that many parents will need to know, “How long can formula sit out for?” Formula must be throw away in 1 hour after feeding whether it is sitting out at room temperature or in the fridge. Do not save it for later as saliva help boost bacteria forming. Formula that you mixed and left out in room temperature must be throw out within 2 hours max. But if the formula is refrigerated, it after 24 hours if it is not use. Cold temperatures keep most harmful bacteria from multiplying. Opened ready-to-feed formula must be throw away after 48 hours since it is no longer properly sealed.

This is an invaluable information you need to remember. Taking care of a healthy baby is more easier than caring for a sick baby. You, as the parents, has to do everything in your might to help your baby grow up healthy and strong. Baby formula is the first step to achieving that. If you forgets when you mix the formula or put it away, remember this one thing. As the saying goes, “when in doubt, throw it away.”

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